February 24, 2018 - Editorial Staff



The world of kitchen design has changed a lot in recent times. Today it has a lot of importance inside the house, it is still a meeting space for the family around the table but much simpler, integrated with the rest of the house and it’s ready to work.


The kitchen opens to the living room, we no longer enclose it between 4 walls, and it incorporates materials and finishes, which is very easy to maintain and clean, you can have a beautiful and careful appearance. Opening the kitchen means that your image has to work with the living room or dining room with which you can communicate, so you will see the appliances are installed or integrated so they do not break the unity of the fronts, thus gaining continuity and visual beauty.


At the time of reforming a kitchen whether it is open or closed, the idea of tiling all the walls has disappeared, we tend to trowel only some cloths and even limit ourselves to the dashboard. This use of more tiles means that we can use more attractive solutions such as extending the material of the countertop, choosing a smaller tile or more daring placement methods such as spikes, mosaics, hexagons or diamonds.


If you have enough space in the kitchen, we advise you to close with furniture an area from top to bottom to avoid in other parts the upper cabinets that are less practical, remove light and overwhelm the space a lot.


The shooters disappear from the panorama getting cleaner and more continuous surfaces in which it is played with several finishes for the doors differentiating the top of the bottom or the island from the rest of the furniture. This makes spaces more interesting and allows you to play with the tones of the stone on the countertop or combine a wood with a color. With this we get the warm touch of the wood but limiting it to an area does not make it so heavy.


The floors do not have to be tile, the world of materials has evolved a lot and nowadays many want vinyl or ceramic floors that imitate wood, stone or other materials with different parts that will achieve a very surprising effect.


Lighting should be something very important thing in the kitchen, a powerful white light on the ceiling is neither practical nor adequate, it simply manages to shade you while you work. The ideal is to have a general ceiling light but also a lighting over the work area that can be hidden under the furniture.

As for decorative lamps, do not be afraid to use them in the kitchens, a design wall lamp or an important lamp will give you a lot of character.


The kitchen is no longer a second zone, so the selection of the table and chairs of the office is more careful. The chrome, steel and all those metallized or plastic finish disappear giving way to quality chairs and tables that could be in a formal dining room. It is the table in which we eat every day. Why does it have to be simpler, uglier and worse than the other we use only on certain days?

We encourage you to make reforms in the kitchen so important in getting a nice and nice space as you would give the room because you will be there the same time or even more.

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