March 27, 2018 - Editorial Staff


Do you know that some types of plants have decontaminating virtues and help to cleanse the atmosphere we breathe?  That’s right, and I was surprised to discover that the interior is 5 to 10 times more polluted than the exterior due to cleaning products, air conditioning systems, mites or tobacco among other things. Do not you think it’s a good reason to introduce them into your interior spaces?

I think that this reason is already enough to surround us with plants and natural life but also we will explain how to do it in a decorative way without abusing them so as not to turn our rooms into greenhouses.

It is convenient to combine plants of different sizes to play with pots and vases of different sizes and also to determine the location of each one, if we place it on the floor or on a piece of furniture next to other decorative objects or even suspended from the ceiling.

Simply the tonalities of the leaves are going to bring us a lot of vitality and the dose of nature that we long for those who live in the city. Spring is a very good season to pick wild flowers and make centerpieces or very suggestive still lifes, giving use to forgotten vases that you have at home.

Which flowerpot to choose? Plants always look more natural, than glass, mud or wicker, materials that do not take them out of context but also bring freshness to the space. The size depends on the plant and its roots. Instead of planning where you to put them, apart from depending on the light needed by the plant, can give a lot of play, for example in the first image have located a super palm tree as a centerpiece, the size may seem disproportionate but visually unexpected , fun and very elegant.

I encourage you to go slowly expanding the family, palms, ficus, olives, ivies, succulents, cactus, etc. infinite precious varieties that purify the atmosphere and dress your rooms.

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