August 13, 2018 - Editorial Staff

How to Apply Feng Shui in The New Apartment?

Organizing a new home can be either a very nice job or a very stressful task. One has to decide how to occupy each room, and sometimes one has the feeling that something is simply out of place. Setting up a new home is not just filling the spaces, you have to pay attention to the harmony and energy of each place. That is why, 4,000 years ago, the Chinese take into account the traditions of feng shui singapore, to make their home a more pleasant environment .

Feng Shui is formed by knowledge accumulated over all these years and passed down from generation to generation by the more traditional families of ancient China. What began with ancestral techniques, was spread among people until arriving at what we know today with the main objective of creating a beautiful and harmonious environment.

What is the best way to follow these age-old tips? Below, see how to organize and decorate a new home, taking into account the energy of things, to create a harmonious and pleasurable environment!


The observation of natural phenomena and Vital Energy

Feng Shui, represented in Chinese by the symbols  and pronounced “fông chóe,” is one of the earliest techniques for harmonizing space and usually inspires architects and decorators around the world. Feng shui singapore ancestors used it to set up places to build villages and guide residents on how to organize their homes.

All this millenarian knowledge resulted in techniques of observation of the environment before the Universe. Early studies took into account the observation of natural phenomena and the understanding of Vital Energy, called “Chi” by the Chinese. Feng shui Singapore still contemplates the power and energy of sacred animals, the polarity Yin and Yang and the elements metal, water, wood, fire and earth.


How to apply Feng Shui?

The three basic goals of Feng shui singapore are:

  •        first, to make the good energies of the environment thrive;
  •        then eliminate the bad energies;
  •        and finally, to create health positivity for all inhabitants of the space.

But despite the thousands of years of knowledge, Feng Shui can be applied quite simply in your new home. Just get to know Ba Gua, an octagonal map of Feng Shui.

In this drawing are the 8 trigrams of life created by Chinese culture, which must be arranged by the house. Each of them relates to one of the 5 elements and collaborates to achieve, in the environment, the three objectives of Feng Shui.


The starting point for the use of Ba gua

The starting point for the use of the water is the entrance door of the house, where in the center of the wall is a productive area – no problem if the door itself is in another space, the important thing is the center of the wall . From that point, looking over the floor plan of the house or apartment, you will have a view of the layout of the rooms from feng shui singapore and its faces of life: work, spirituality, family, prosperity, success, relationship, creativity and friends.

It is interesting that the environments are related to the suggestions of positioning of the Ba Gua, such as the living room in the space intended for friends or relationships. But do not worry if the home plant fits perfectly within that organization, you can still decorate each Feng Shui-based spot and balance the energies.


How to decorate based on Feng Shui?

There are several tips to decorate each of the home environments with plants, colors and objects, which stimulate the energies of the trigrams mapped in the Ba Gua. The most important thing is also to understand that feeling good about the organization is a fundamental aspect for the personal fulfillment of those who live in that environment.

Always take into consideration whether certain furniture or color on the wall generates discomfort. The way we feel these vibrations is an important guide to applying Feng Shui.


  1. Work environment

It is increasingly common to work from home and it is interesting to place objects and colors in this environment that encourage a harmonious place for dedication to your craft. Water is the element associated with this area of ​​Ba Gua and the presence of a source with running water helps to keep energies in circulation.

In this space, it is interesting to use objects in the black colors, but blue, white and green also look good. A detail widely used in this space, which is usually near the front door, are the mirrors. Ideally, they should be large and located next to the door to reflect the energies. Finally, decorate with objects that represent career prospects and do not forget to plant plants like flowers or bamboos.


  1. Rooms or dorms

It is not fair that these rooms are in or near the family quadrant, indicated by Ba Gua, but also look good in the spaces of prosperity and relationships. These are intimate environments of the house and that is where loved ones rest and regain their energies. So you have to feel good inside your room.

This is an environment where comfort should prevail. The best known tip is to leave the bed facing the door, never with the headboard on the same wall as the entrance. The predominant color in this space should be the green and the decoration can bring pictures of the happy family, happy moments or representations of good dreams.


  1. Kitchen

It is the heart of the home. Ideal that is near the center or directed to the quadrant of prosperity or relationship. In the kitchen, abuse the yellow and gold colors.

Use pictures of showy fruits and have exposed chamomile leaves or sunflower blossoms. Remember that this environment will nourish the home and seek to attribute to it an energy of health, quality of life and well-being.


  1. Living room

It is the space for socializing, relationships and friends, but it can also be close to the family quadrant in Ba Gua. In this environment, allow the energy to flow and circulate.

Do not place too many objects and leave the entrances open and spacious – make the sofa an inviting and easy place to access. You can use intense colors in contrast to more pastel shades or even gray. Of course, plants also help maintain good energies.