May 16, 2018 - Editorial Staff

How Feng Shui Influences in Offices and Work Centres

Surely you have ever heard of feng shui singapore and the benefits it brings.


This ancient philosophy of Taoist origin helps to achieve harmony in the spaces. Which causes a very positive influence on the people who are in them.


Every day more companies begin to apply Feng Shui in their office in order to improve the welfare, concentration and productivity of their employees.


Therefore, the placement of furniture, distribution or decoration greatly influences the conception of space.


Although it may seem like it, carrying out the practice of feng shui singapore is not complicated at all. We only have to apply, as far as possible, one of the precepts that we will see below.



Special attention must be paid to the arrangement of furniture, as it must allow people and positive energy to circulate freely.


It is important that the work table is facing the door and that the front area is clear for good visibility.


In this way the person who is sitting at his post can easily see who enters with just look up.


In the meeting rooms it is important to sit facing the door and with a wall behind us. In this way, our sense of control and authority increases before situations.



While working, it is essential to maintain good posture, so we must choose an ergonomic seat that has a good backrest.

But we must not only protect our back on a physical level, but also the negative energies that alter our work rhythm.


Therefore, the ideal is to have a wall behind our desk, never a door or window. In the case of having a window we can solve it by placing some curtains.


The shape of the desk is also an important aspect to consider.

  •    The rectangular tables are ideal for open spaces as they favour communication.
  •        A round table is ideal for meeting rooms where ideas related to creativity are generated.
  •        The curved shapes favour concentration, since the energy flows in who is sitting inside the desk.


The size of the table should be adequate to the space available.  If it is too small we will not work comfortably, and if it is too big by not having things at hand, it will make us lose organization and authority.


The feng shui singapore suitable materials are wood, which transmits stability and confidence. The crystal will give us mental agility but it is good to combine it with wood. The least recommended is the metal because when driving electricity exposes us to negative energies.



Keeping an orderly and clean desk is essential for our concentration. The pile of papers with pending tasks or objects out of place make us distract our eyes towards what is really important.


When a space is orderly, it allows us to be attentive and full of capabilities, so the work flows better.



When designing a workplace, keep in mind that colours do not generate nervousness or apathy.


The chromotherapy gives us the keys to select the tone that best suits our space.

  •        White: increases mental activity, therefore, concentration.
  •        Neutral, gray and beige tones: Transmit serenity, stability and confidence.
  •       Blue: helps connect with emotions. The celestial power the area of ​​money, economic growth.
  •        Green: favours creativity and the development of new ideas.
  •      The warm and vibrant tones such as yellow, orange or earth, provide dynamism and favour communication.



It is fundamental that the environment where we develop our activity is well lit.

Ideally, we should have a source of natural light that is located laterally to our work table. The computer screen should not provoke reflections, so do not place the desk with a window behind it.


You can balance the light radiated by the monitor by placing a desk lamp that focuses the entire work surface, our eyes will appreciate it.


The general light of the ceiling must have an average intensity, trying not to generate shadows on our body or on the objects in front of us.


As you see, Feng Shui philosophy in the office covers many aspects, not just the furniture, all of them very beneficial.


So, with small changes we can apply it in our own company.