September 17, 2018 - Editorial Staff

Five Benefits of Feng Shui

This ancient technique allows to improve his whole life, but has particularities to be followed


Not everyone believes, but the practice of feng shui singapore can bring improvements to various aspects of your life. The energy harmonization technique brings effects to the environment, to health, to relationships and to prosperity, and so it should at least be known to you.


Feng Shui has existed for more than 4,000 years, and is based on different Chinese philosophies such as I Ching, Confucianism, Taoism, Yin / Yang and vital energy. The literal translation of the word means “wind-water” and indicates that this art seeks to balance the effects of the forces of the universe on humans. Its main purpose is to help people through the flow of energy in the environment. Therefore, Feng shui singapore should be applied day by day.


There are several currents about this practice. In the more traditional, for example, known objects are expendable and the most important is the inclusion of elements of nature. Already in the more western version, the technique became known due to the use of crystals, mirrors and the yellow color. As there are many varieties, if you want to apply this art in your life, it is highly recommended to take a Feng Shui course, which can be done online and for a low cost, or hire a specialized consultant.

Discover some of the  benefits of feng shui singapore  that will help you to improve your life and start making some changes right now to ensure harmonization and balance:


Rejection of negative energies

The redirection of negative energies and harmful influences is one of the most well-known benefits of  Feng Shui. If, upon entering the home, you feel uneasiness, headaches, and tiredness, you have to modify the environment to release this disturbance. Open the windows so that the flow and movement of the air can make an energetic cleaning, purify the entrance doors with a mixture of lemon juice, salt and white vinegar and include some black crystals of naturalism near the appliances to neutralize their electromagnetic waves . Finish by lighting an incense, which dates back to spiritual practices, or by spraying essential orange oil, which refers to a joyous summer day.


Attracts good relationships

According to  Feng Shui , the relationship and romance industry is located in the far right corner of the front door. So you need to turn it on. To do this, light the place and place fresh flowers, photos of loved ones, pink quartz crystals and decorative objects in shades of red, pink and white that refer to the feelings nourished by people. Avoid placing the TV and computer in this corner, as well as sharp or sharp objects. Remember that to be surrounded by healthy and enduring relationships, it is essential to look within yourself and evaluate self-love. In the case of love relationships, opportunities for dialogue help balance Yin / Yang.


Increases productivity at work

The way you organize and care for your work environment, whether at home or at the office desk, can directly influence your productivity. To harmonize this space, you can make some inclusions that bring good energies, like putting a family photo or an object that refers to special moments. If possible, position the table facing the entrance door, which enhances the feeling of safety and well-being. To attract good achievements, place a lamp, which represents the element of success, fire, behind the computer, or a red object. If the environment is very stressful, include a plant pot on the workbench or next door. Begonia, violet and lily of peace are great requests.


Improves sleep

The energy flow and position of the furniture can directly impact your sleep. If you suffer from insomnia or do not sleep well for days, start creating symmetry in the bedroom: leave the bed in the middle, have two bedside tables and two lamps (one on each side of the bed) and create special spaces for you and your companion in each half of the room. A rug also helps balance the energy. Already storing things under the bed and having many mirrors in the room disrupt sleep, because the movement of energy is difficult or ends up being activated in excess, which does not help at bedtime. Small attitudes, such as getting the bed and opening the windows daily make a difference to relieve stress.


Renovate the house

If you are thinking of making changes in your home, using Feng Shui tactics is a great idea. Simple touches of decoration and storage renew the energy of each environment without spending much. Start by removing items that you do not like or that bring bad memories and then make a complete home organization, making room for good and new energies. To change the color of the wall, choose yellow, which attracts joy and happiness, but prefer soft tones to the room. In each environment, place something that represents each of the natural elements (air, water, wood, earth and metal) and capriche in the care with the plants.


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