June 21, 2018 - Editorial Staff

Feng Shui Lighting: Understand How to Harmonize the Environment

The light, whether natural or artificial, is essential to finish off the decoration of any environment, valuing its colors, shapes and functions. Feng Shui 2018 lighting, a Chinese technique that holds that every object around us emits energy, serves to potentiate positive vibrations and neutralize negatives.

This technique can be applied to the most diverse fields, but its main activity is in the spaces in which we are inserted every day, since they have, evidently, psychological and physical influences on us.

To know more about Feng Shui 2018 lighting, its benefits and how to bring it to your home, follow our post!

Know Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique that works the natural elements to produce and manipulate the energetic vibrations emitted by each object within an environment, in order to attract positivity and prosperity to the space and its users, whatever its use: residential, commercial or corporate.

The technique considers the influence of visible and invisible aspects within each space. The visible ones are all the forms present there – furniture, decorative objects, location of doors and windows. The invisible ones are, for example, the date of construction of the building and its orientation with respect to the terrestrial magnetic fields.

Nowadays, Feng Shui 2018 is considered one of the best ways to create a decoration, since it includes technical and personal aspects to find a perfect energy balance for each environment.

Learn How Feng Shui Contributes to Lighting

Lighting is one of the essential concepts of Feng Shui 2018, meaning the activation of vital energy, chi. In this way, places with well-distributed lighting arouse motivating feelings and refresh the mood of their users, while total or partial darkness discourages and frightened.

Natural light is an element of healing, the strongest representation of vital energy and preferred to let permeate through the various environments of a building. However, where it is known that sunlight is rare, luminaires and lamps should bring clarity to fulfill this effect, especially in places where plants are present.

Discover How to Make Feng Shui Lighting

Applying Feng Shui lighting can be quite simple, after all, some early techniques already have incredible effects on the energy present in your home or work environment.

Let natural light enter

Sunlight, especially in the morning, attracts peace and tranquility and invigorates the energies of the users of those environments. Therefore, unclog the windows, choosing curtains that can be opened completely, and get used to opening them every day.

If environments are too empty, try to open them at least once a day. If doors and windows have protections such as eaves or balconies, keep them partially open during your absence.

Avoid dark corners

Distribute floor lamps or lamps in corners to avoid dark spots that accumulate negative energies. The brightness should preferably be directed upwards in order to raise the vital energies and also contribute to the sensation of amplitude in the spaces.

Quickly replace burnt out bulbs

Avoid leaving burned-out bulbs or empty mouthpieces for too long. Remember that darkness, even if partial, causes negative feelings that detract from the harmony and liveliness of your home or office.

Use wisely the color temperature of light

Prefer indirect lighting in warm white tones for relaxation, such as living rooms and bedrooms. This choice also influences the quality of sleep and the physical health of users.

For environments such as kitchens or home offices, prefer stronger white light, using traces of light or luminaires with translucent closure, to avoid glare of vision. In bathrooms, the ideal is a neutral and uniform lighting.

Choose economical light bulbs

LED bulbs have the best light efficiency on the market today. Investing in this technology means, despite the higher initial cost, great long-term savings and durability.

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