May 16, 2018 - Editorial Staff

Basic Principles of Feng Shui

The Feng Shui is based on three principles:


Everything is alive: we already know that people, animals and plants are alive, but we have to take into account that all the objects that surround us also.


All are charged with a meaning that can vary for some people or for others. This principle says that we surround ourselves only with those things that make us increase the Chi or vital energy. Therefore, if an object is indifferent to you, it does not increase the Chi: change it for another that does. For fengshui singapore there are neutral objects … Be conscious!


Everything is related: objects influence us and we use them. Our house or work is a reflection of how we are doing. If we change our home or business, we will change. This principle refers to order and cleanliness; but not to sweep or dust if not those things that we do not need and that are occupying a space at home or at work, blocking energy or ‘Chi. When we do “cleansing” we are moving the energy of our space and we give the opportunity to enter new and good things in our life. We have to empty for new opportunities to enter, new relationships, a fuller and happier life. And this brings us to the following principle:


Everything changes: the essence of creation is change. Nothing is stable; everything changes constantly even if we are not conscious: the day, the night; spring Summer Fall Winter; childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity. This principle advises us not to cling to things. Although we are afraid of change and stability is understandable, it does not conform to reality. Therefore, a smooth and constant change that maintains the flow of energy is better. There is a Chinese proverb that says: If you want to be lucky, move 27 things from your home. In Feng shui Singapore we say: if you want changes in your life, move 27 things from your home (or business).