August 13, 2018 - Editorial Staff

Balance: Expert Gives Tips for Applying Feng Shui to the Work Table

Concentration, motivation and creativity are some of the benefits Feng Shui can bring to the table, according to Feng shui master singapore and consultant Luiz Netto.

According to Netto, Feng Shui is an ancient technique of harmonizing spaces, which values ​​order and cleanliness, and aims to balance the energy of the environment and put man in contact with nature.

So, guide the expert, the first tip for anyone who wants to tidy the office desk following the Feng Shui tips is to keep everything neat and organized. “The way people organize the house, the office table, and so on, reflects their projections for life itself. So anyone who holds a disorganized table will attract clutter, “says the consultant.



When it comes to workbenches, reports Netto, the ideal is that it is made of wood and has neutral colors. Very colorful tables or glass top drain the eyes quickly and lead to inattention.

When arranging the objects on the table, one must consider the left or right side of the table operator, observing some points.

Also, it is interesting that the tables have good lighting, are positioned so that the person can observe the door, and that the chairs are comfortable, preferably, rotating and with arms.


Left and right

Papers, books, photos and plants should be placed on the left side, which, according to Netto, filters the energy. In the case of books and papers, it suggests, even when placed on the table, it is best that they are organized into specific boxes or bins.

The photos must be of loved ones, avoiding to leave images that the person has gained from third parties, but that have no affective meaning whatsoever.

On this side, it is also advisable to keep some crystal object, such as a paper weight or a white quartz, which attracts positive energies.

In the right side of the table, the technological elements should be prioritized. This is the place, for example, of the telephone and the mobile device. The calendar, stapler and pencil holder can also be positioned here.


What to avoid?

Among what should be avoided are pointed objects, including plants such as cactus and Saint George swords, which dis harmonize the environment and can bring friction.