June 13, 2018 - Editorial Staff

9 Simple Tips to Apply Feng Shui in Home Decor

You have probably heard about the ancient Chinese Feng Shui Singapore technique, which relates to the vital energy circulating in the house. Some of his concepts are spread out without much understanding of why – such as the taboo of using mirrors in the decor and that you cannot use dark colors on the walls. The art of harmonization is complex and has effects in every aspect of life (and home), but you can put objective tips into practice to emanate good energies into the universe!

  1. Where to put the bed?

According to Criss Ventura, a Feng Shui consultant, the bed should be in a wall that has no windows or doors, called “blind”. And also, that she is facing the door, but not that her feet are back to her. Perhaps a retro and not so used item nowadays, the headboard has an interesting role in the environment. ” It’s interesting that the beds have headboards, because they symbolize safety. And prevent them from standing on the wall that divides the room and the bathroom is cool, “he says.

  1. Harmony for the couple

If you live with someone, the bedroom is dedicated space for sleep and also reflects the energies of the relationship. A simple and very practical way to do this is to put a bedside table (or equivalent) for the two. Also, invest in the curtains that go down to the floor: they symbolize the loving part of the relationship. Heart

  1. Mirrors: can or cannot?

Calm down, not every mirror will bring you more energy or drive you away from your home! The way is to understand their positions in the environments and then use them to their advantage. “Mirrors cannot be reflecting the bed, they should be wide. This is because bed reflection can cause insomnia. At the entrance (social hall), it is cool to have a mirror next to the door to enlarge the space. He may also be reflecting the dining table, expanding the prosperity of the house. Already in a very long corridor that ends in a door or in a wall, helps to pull the energy “, explains Criss. Oh, and it’s agreed they’ll be in good condition, okay?

  1. The drama of colors

Surely you already know that light and neutral colors bring peace and tranquility to the environment – and probably that black is a color to run away from. The truth is that each color inspires a sensation in the individual and this must be respected according to the place: in the room it is preferable to use light colors, because it is the place where you sleep. Already in small environments the dark color can pass the feeling of oppression and leave the room even smaller but can still be used on a wall just for example. “Red for example is a color of action, of agitation, as well as orange. The color has a very strong energy and the cool thing is to balance the whites with the dark ones, which also symbolizes the balance movement on the feminine and masculine side, “says Criss Ventura. If you want to bring life in a balanced way, prefer light shades on the walls and go from vibrant tones to decorative objects such as pictures, cushions, furniture and tableware.

  1. Get Organized!

“Clutter generally affects mental clarity. Study books, bills to pay and other documents together at the same table causes the feeling of confusion, so the ideal is to leave them separated according to their functions. The workbench needs to be as clean as possible as this helps to organize the mind. The organization of any part of the house is also the way to align the thought. “

  1. Receptive living room

To welcome your guests and to stimulate the joy of this room, keep your sofa, armchairs and chairs to the door – so you will not be “turned away” for the visitors! L or U-shaped models are cool and can be filled with colored or embossed cushions. “They are responsible for the dialogue of the house, they stimulate the coexistence between people. Being a reception environment, the living room with different colors help make it more sociable. “

  1. Money Kitchen

Did you know that your kitchen cabinets are the symbol of financial flow? Well: keeping them chaotic and with overdue products are not good omens for your financial life. The Feng Shui Singapore consultant warns: “It is important to check the validity of the products, including remedies, uncovered or broken pots should be thrown away, as this is all a reflection of the health of the pocket. Regardless of whether the closets are open or closed, order is what matters. “And leave sharp objects like knives and scissors (not exposed).

  1. Fire area

In your kitchen is also located an important item, sometimes not as companion as you would like, but extremely important according to Feng Shui Singapore: the stove. A symbol of health and prosperity like this must always be clean, functioning perfectly and being used from time to time. Not even to heat water for coffee! Here is the law of colors: because it is the space of fire, the color red can overwhelm the environment. White is always a good bet wink.

  1. Plants of good

Yes, plants and flowers really have positive impacts on our lives far beyond beauty! Whether in health or in decor, they are responsible for the well-being we feel when we are at home.