April 11, 2018 - Editorial Staff

8 Feng Shui Tips Easy to Apply

Today we want to share 8 simple Feng Shui tips that will help you revitalize your home.


Almost everyone knows what Feng Shui is, but just in case here I leave a short definition: It is the study of how energy impacts the interior and exterior of our homes. Feng Shui is used by architects, interior decorators…but you do not need to be a professional to apply it in your home, here we leave you our 8 tips.


Fix the squeak of your doors. Sometimes we do not even notice, but we have doors at home that squeak every time we open and close them. We must pay special attention to the door of the main entrance, the squeaky sound can affect the general mood of your house. It has an easy arrangement: a little oil on the hinges and that’s it.


Place a water fountain at the entrance to your house. A small fountain with circulating water can help activate the abundance in our homes, the source can be located inside or outside your house but make sure that the water flows into your house and not vice versa, since water symbolizes abundance entering your home.

Put plants in your kitchen. The space between kitchen furniture and ceilings accumulates energy that is blocked, the same happens between the countertop and kitchen furniture, this can be remedied with green plants that give life to those dead spaces and unlocked the energy.


Close the bathroom door. The bathroom is the place where the water comes out, according to Feng Shui is where abundance escapes, to minimize this effect it is important that we keep the lid of the toilet closed and the door closed.


Position your bed in the right place. The bed is one of the most important furniture in the home, if you think about it, it is where we rest our body and mind for several hours a day. The bed should be facing the door but not directly opposite but diagonally.


Avoid television in the room. It is better not to have TV in your room, but if you have it, it is advisable to cover it with some cover or cover when you are not using it. The static energy of the TV can affect the tranquility of your room and damage the rest even when it is off.

Clean all the windows. The windows symbolize the eyes with which you look at the world, so it is better to do it with a clean look. Take a newspaper, some water and vinegar and leave the windows clean, open your windows and let natural light flow.


No to disorder. A disordered house causes the energy of your home to drop drastically, since energy cannot flow. My advice is that you get rid of everything unnecessary and keep your house always neat and clean. It has never happened to you that after ordering your house you say: Now I can stay calm …

We hope that these easy Feng Shui tips help you improve your quality of life. And you, do you have any Feng Shui trick to share?

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