March 9, 2018 - Editorial Staff

10 Tips That Will Make You An Expert In Interior Design:

There are some interior design tricks that experts use all the time, now you can also find out about them and apply them in your home with minimal effort and little spending.


Read our tips and fill your head with ideas:

  1. Paint the smaller rooms with soft and light colors, so it will look bigger. Dark colors, on the other hand, will make the room look smaller. Having windows that provide natural light will also give a feeling of spaciousness, but if you do not have them you can help with mirrors placed in strategic places. The interior design is flexible and customizable, select it and use it in your own favour.


  1. Use decorative mirrors that adds light to your place. In addition making a small space seem larger, the mirrors give a dose of vital light to the spaces. Placing them in front of windows will be like placing a source of instant light. In addition to their functional effects, the decorative mirrors are also ideal for filling empty spaces in the wall. You can make a mix of sizes and create a unique decoration.


  1. Mix Old with new, expensive with cheap. Some family relic may be the best accessory for your modern sofa. The best decorators have a motto and that is your house must have an interior design that reflects who you are, your personality and style. This is how elements of your past coexist with the armchair that you fell in love with this season.


  1. Use comfortable furniture. Think that besides looking good, the furniture with which you decorate your home is friendly with you and the other members of your family. What is the use of having a very expensive sofa if you are not going to enjoy it? Find sofas of different styles, super comfortable and at the best price.
  2. Wicker baskets. It is an element that does not go out of fashion in interior design, this is an elegant and cheap way to store things inside any room. From books, to bath towels, wicker baskets are a basic element in interior decoration.


  1. Use what you already have. Before running to any store to buy accessories, look at the things you already have. The illustrations in children’s books can fulfill the function of pictures if you frame them, dishes with retro designs are a good decoration for the wall … try different options, you will be surprised.


  1. Decorate your kitchen with utensils. The kitchen is one of the places in the house where more time is spent, you can give a touch of design and elegance by hanging the pans in a handle embedded to the ceiling. There are many sizes and styles that can go with you.


  1. Eco-friendy decoration. Plants give life to places, they are cheap and it will add color and texture. In addition of looking very well, it will help to clean the air and moisture thereby giving balance to your home.


  1. Paint your shelves. Something as simple as a touch of color to the shelves will give the space a shot of color that can transform an ordinary library into something modern and tasteful.


  1. Use mats on the wooden floor. This will add texture, color and personality. The mats can be changed according to the season of the year to give your house a personality of the season.

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