September 3, 2018 - Editorial Staff

10 Tips of Feng Shui to Recover the Energy of Your House

A few days ago I told you about Feng Shui and the basic principles of this millenary technique. Today I want to explain how you can harmonize your house using this technique.

I want to clarify in advance that I am not an expert or a consultant in Feng Shui, but I have been trained in this matter given the close relationship with order and organization. In addition, I usually collaborate with Makeup spaces , a company that is dedicated to generating wellness through Feng Shui and other disciplines.

Well, having said that, today I bring you practical tips that you can apply from now on to improve the flow of vital energy in your home, in your workplace .


Place a doormat at the entrance of your house, not only for a matter of hygiene but to prevent the dense energy from the outside. And above all, use it; because if not, why do you have it? Before entering home, acquire the habit of cleaning the soles of your shoes two or three times.


Avoid mirrors that directly reflect the entrance of the house because it makes the chi bounce and come back out. Oh! and that there is a photo of all the members that live in the house, as a welcome.


Always have fresh fruit and vegetables in sight; They connect you with health and well-being. I know, in summer it’s hard, but the rest of the year do it; You will see what change. And since you have them, eat them … that are not just to make beautiful. They will also help you to a healthier life.

# 4 BATH

It is the place of the house where we clean our impurities so it is convenient to keep the lid of the toilet always lowered and the bathroom door closed or turned; You will prevent the chi from leaving your house.


Outside any electrical equipment such as radio-alarm, TV and mobile. Yes, yes, you read correctly, the mobile outside the room when you go to sleep.


Do not leave the medications in sight to remember that you must take them; that will still connect you more with the disease. If you do not want to forget to take them look for alternatives such as using the alarm on your mobile, or hooking a post-it in the fridge or any other. But do not leave them in sight to remind you to take them


Avoid  dried flowers or plants or artificial ones. Whenever you can, use them natural; they purify the air and absorb bad energies. In case that you opt for the artificial ones, from time to time you take out the dust, adjust them again, etc. Come on, what you would do with any other decorative object in your house.


Beware of the objects that you pick up from the street, second hand purchases or inherit. They have a lot of charm, but be careful with the energy they bring. If you bring any object of this type home, be sure to do an energy cleanse with a mixture of water, coarse salt, vinegar and fresh cologne.


And also the objects that do not work or are damaged: you only have two options: either fix or strip them. The objects of this typology have lost their energetic integrity. If you do not repair them, discard them as soon as possible.


It is essential to achieve harmony and balance in the space that surrounds you. because disorder and dirt generate negative energy. So set yourself as the objective for this new course that begins, give a return to all the rooms of your house and your office. Make a good vacuum, eliminate everything that you do not use or that does not give you and surround yourself only with what you love.

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